Types of Residential Houses and their Price Range

Before buying a house or other property, we should know the ins and outs. Including the types of homes. Because the types of houses are taken based on the area of ​​the house itself. The deciding factor in the area of ​​the house is generally the plot of housing where the house was built. Each of these types of houses generally have special characteristics both in terms of building dimensions to space requirements, although in the end the developer will usually adapt them to the concept of housing as a whole.

If the type of house is known, the developer can determine the selling price of the property. It’s kind of funny if we come to a real estate agent’s office with just enough money to buy a house. The following are types of houses that should be known. Let’s look at the price range:

1. Type 21

This is the smallest type of home. Generally, the building area is 21 square meters with a land area of ​​24 square meters. Usually this type of house has dimensions of 3 x 7 meters, 5.25 x 4 meters, or 6 x 3.5 meters. Type 21 is suitable for newlyweds with a minimal budget This type of house consists of only one bedroom. This house is simple in terms of room arrangement because of the limited area, and sometimes even has a separate kitchen in the backyard. This type of simple house is most suitable for newly married couples or small families. … Read More

Tips on Decorating Tiny Houses to Deal with Limitations

Tiny Home Decor that is Suitable for Living Rooms
Designing a living room can be a challenge.
Just a little mistake can make the living room look like a room with unclear functions that contain mere decorations.
The important thing you have to do is actually make the tiny living room look bigger but still look comfortable.
Here is a small home decoration that is right for the living room.

1. Try Neutral Colors

The use of neutral and calm colors is one of the popular ways commonly used when designing a small living room.
Using the right colors and decorations, can determine the aura and atmosphere you want.
You can choose bright colors that can reflect light like white, light gray, and cream for walls, main furniture, and floors in the living room.
In addition to providing a room effect that feels wider, these colors will also give the impression of elegance and comfort in the living room at home.

2. Expand the Room with Mirror Illusions

Mirror is the most classic effective solution commonly used to expand a room.
The effect of reflecting the resulting mirror produces an illusion where a room feels wider than it should be.
However, it turns out this is not as simple as sticking many mirrors in various corners of the room.
Knowing the strategic points to make this illusion work effectively is important.
You also need to know the size to the type of mirror that the living room needs.
Place a … Read More

Do Floors at Home Must Be Cleaned Every Day?

Maintaining cleanliness at home is mandatory, so that the occupants remain healthy. But, is it true that the way to maintain a clean house is to sweep and mop the floor every day?
According to experts, it’s really important to clean the floor of your house every day. But, not only the floor, table surfaces, especially in the kitchen and around the sink, must also be cleaned every day. This is because the kitchen, especially if it is always used, is the dirtiest part of the house.

The sink in the kitchen must always be cleaned every day
Then, for those of you who have a bathtub at home, then Elizabeth Scott, Ph.D., co-director of Simmons College in Boston, suggests cleaning it every week. According to him, the bathtub keeps more bacteria than the trash so it needs to be cleaned regularly.
Mattresses and pillows also have to be cleaned regularly. Even though it has been coated with sheets, it does not mean that the two objects are free of germs. Carolyn Forte from Good Housekeeping Institute recommends cleaning the mattress every two months, by sprinkling with baking soda and using a vacuum cleaner to clean it. For pillows, clean every three months to prevent dust mites.
Other things in the house that are also rarely cleaned are refrigerators. The scientists say, you just have to clean the refrigerator at least once a month, especially drawers that hold fruits and vegetables. The reason, because the place can accommodate up to Read More

10 reasons why blinds are a must-have for any balcony

If you have a balcony, chances are you want to make the most of the outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. But if your balcony is in full sun, it can be difficult to enjoy it during the day. That’s where blinds come in. Here are 10 reasons why blinds are a must-have for any balcony:

  1. Blinds provide shade from the sun, making it more comfortable to enjoy your balcony.

In the winter months, you will have a nice view of your garden. Blinds are easy to maintain. They can be washed and cleaned with soap and water. You can choose from different types of blinds, including wood, aluminium and vinyl.

  1. Blinds keep your balcony cooler by blocking out the sun.

Curtains block out the sun. Flower pots and hanging baskets can help cool your balcony in summer when they are watered regularly. Aromatic herbs like rosemary, mint and lavender can help keep mosquitoes away.

  1. Blinds don’t obstruct sightlines and let you see through to the outdoors when they’re open and the space between windows can be used to display artwork or photos.
  2. Blinds provide privacy when you want them and are easy to close.

In the warm months, open the blinds to let in light and air. Curtains fall somewhere between blinds and shutters on the privacy scale. They give you privacy when you want it, but can be opened for light and air when you don’t.

  1. Blinds can help you sleep better by blocking out light from
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Home Furnishings And Decorations

Mail Holder Wall Hanging

Greens relieve stress and are considered neutrals so they work nicely in any room. Browns are refined and heat and shades of purple encourage creativity.

home furnishings and decoration

From sofas and chairs to accent tables and cupboards, At Home has over three,000 gadgets to choose from, making it one of the various and versatile house furniture collections. Find the items you have to full your home office, or elevate your living room with signature items that offer consolation and sophistication. Take benefit of things from one of the affordable furnishings and residential décor shops, and find home furniture that displays your design aesthetic and character. Drop by your native At Home store to make a purchase order, or discover our curbside pickup and native supply options.

Soften a space and add curiosity withblinds and window shades. Panel drapes can add function as well as type — blackout choices block light from coming into a bedroom, whereas sheers enable delicate light to filter in while still sustaining privacy.

Need Help Assembling Your New Furniture? Taskrabbit Assembly Is Right Here To Assist

A home decorator will help distill your tastes and ideas into a design that suits the needs of your space. When you are on the lookout for some ornamental accents on your home, the horse and the bear decor theme is something can create quite an curiosity specifically in your living room.

Decorate your house with the wildlife decor designs you’re keen on most from Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor. … Read More


Hilarious Artwork Prints That May Make 2020 Slightly Higher

Build your own out of doors storage and seating answer with this easy DIY project. Brian and Dan create a mobile outdoor espresso table out of picket crates. Buy or DIY your way to a dreamy bed room with these product picks and tasks. Metallic view features a softly blended background contrasted by a bold metallic gold foreground. This piece will make an announcement in any modern setting. Since each bit is hand painted by a talented artist, every piece will range barely. Badcock prides itself on making high quality furniture, home equipment, and accessories reasonably priced to everybody while providing customer support that’s second-to-none.

The wildlife decor theme can remodel your home to look genuine and nature-pleasant. There are many things that you are able to do to decorate your home in the wildlife theme. Some of probably the most prominent types of the wildlife decor for the properties are Antler decor, Moose decor, Bear Decor, Horse Decor and lots of more. The retailer won’t work accurately within the case when cookies are disabled. These beautiful faceted lamps are available a rainbow of candy-coloured lacquer finishes, and its traces are very on trend. Its geometric shape isn’t alone on the market, either.

They weren’t in perfect shape, but they had been made of decent wood, and I knew I would have definitely spent more to make them from scratch. Selecting furnishings for the small house to create a nicely thought … Read More