Types of Residential Houses and their Price Range

Before buying a house or other property, we should know the ins and outs. Including the types of homes. Because the types of houses are taken based on the area of ​​the house itself. The deciding factor in the area of ​​the house is generally the plot of housing where the house was built. Each of these types of houses generally have special characteristics both in terms of building dimensions to space requirements, although in the end the developer will usually adapt them to the concept of housing as a whole.

If the type of house is known, the developer can determine the selling price of the property. It’s kind of funny if we come to a real estate agent’s office with just enough money to buy a house. The following are types of houses that should be known. Let’s look at the price range:

1. Type 21

This is the smallest type of home. Generally, the building area is 21 square meters with a land area of ​​24 square meters. Usually this type of house has dimensions of 3 x 7 meters, 5.25 x 4 meters, or 6 x 3.5 meters. Type 21 is suitable for newlyweds with a minimal budget This type of house consists of only one bedroom. This house is simple in terms of room arrangement because of the limited area, and sometimes even has a separate kitchen in the backyard. This type of simple house is most suitable for newly married couples or small families. With prices penetrating 300 million if many supporting factors, especially location. The cheapest is usually around 100 millions.

2. Type 36

Those with the status of a new couple often hunt for this type of house with a building area of ​​36 square meters and generally a land area of ​​72 square meters. Dimensions of type 36 houses are generally 6 x 6 meters or 9 x 4 meters.This type of house is also often an investment choice in the property sector by making it a rental house, because of the size and low prices, of course the choice to rent this type of house is more preferred.

Minimalist type 36 houses are hunted not only because the price is not too high, but also the need for type 36 houses is high enough so that it will be easier to resell later. In strategic areas, the price can now reach 650 – 700 million. However, there are also those whose prices are currently around 165 million. Moreover, if there are subsidies from the government or located far from the city center.

3. Type 45

Type 45 houses are among the favorites of Indonesians, especially from the middle class. Because the price of houses with this type is fairly affordable, but quite extensive.Who doesn’t want a house.
With dimensions of 6 x 7.5 meters, type 45 houses are roomy enough to be inhabited by one family with one to two children.Because it has broad specifications that are better than house type 36, although both have two bedrooms, houses of this type are now much sought after. The price of a type 45 house with good quality can reach 1 billion. Meanwhile, for the cheapest house prices around 600-800 million.

4.Type 54

Residents from the upper middle class usually hunt for this type of house. Type 54 houses usually have dimensions of 13.5 x 4 meters or 9 x 6 meters. Dimensions make the type 54 house can be equipped with up to three rooms, some are only have two rooms. But, generally there is a fairly roomy garden at home with this type. The price of this house is usually 800 million in certain places. In favorite residential areas, the price can be up to 1.2 billion.

5. Type 60

With an area of ​​60 square meters, this type of house will feel roomy. The reason is, a house can consist of three to four bedrooms. But, of course these advantages are in line with the price. This house can be sold through  1.5 billion. But, in some areas the price can be 900 million to 1 billion. It’s fun to invite friends to play at home

6. Type 70

With an area of ​​70 square meters, houses of type 70 are more often hunted by residents from the upper classes. The price can be up to billions.The cheapest is probably around  1.1 billion, while the highest reaches  1.8 billion. To be sure, this house can be inhabited by families and parents. New couples can also live here, but with the status of hitching a ride in the parents’ house. Type 70 houses can be made one floor. But many also design this type of house with two floors, so the room can be more.

8. Type 120

The last type of house we will discuss is the type of house that has been included in the classification of luxury homes. The reason is, it is usually intended for the upper middle class. With a building area of ​​up to 120 square meters, the dimensions of this type of house can vary from 10 × 12 meters or 8 × 15 square meters. Generally, this house is also built more than one floor and has a number of rooms varies depending on the needs of the homeowner.

Large and large type of house like this also allows the owner or developer to explore the design of the house with a variety of architectural styles of the house. The types of houses above are generally marketed in one complex. So, don’t look for such types of houses in the village area or in the hamlet area! Do not let the father like that, come with just money. It could be tricked, loss of buying a house without the provision of knowledge.