1920's Inside Decorating And Bed Room Furniture

One Of The Best Dorm Bedding Sets For Faculty

You may have to purchase the entire chair and take away the top. It’s best to use kiln-dried wooden so it gained’t crack or shrink and expand an excessive amount of. Follow the instructions within the link and make these beautiful tables, they won’t disappoint. Bathroom – For the walls and ceiling on this room we have used Ivory Interior Gloss, with chair rail and baseboard of Duco Jade Green in contrast with the dado of Nile Green Duco. Then for the lavatory stool we now have used Chinese Yellow Duco. The image is completed by the addition of a rug in tones of lavender, which is repeated in the lavender shower curtain. Refresh your house with trendy products handpicked by HGTV editors.

Create A Custom Headboard Slipcover

Learn how to make a tabletop with the reverse-portray method. You’ll spend many hours in your child’s room, so in fact you’ll need to make certain it’s an pleasant space for each of you. HGTV Magazine features a kitchen full of vivid colors truly present in nature—a breath of recent air all yr. These glam, yet simple equipment from HGTV Magazine (we have got flatware, planters, wallpaper and extra!) are calling your name. Shop furniture and decor finds handpicked by HGTV Magazine editors.

These little guys have the ability to perk up a complete space. Create this stylish outdoor bench with simply cinderblocks and a few 4x4s. Add whimsy on a price range … Read More

10 reasons why blinds are a must-have for any balcony

If you have a balcony, chances are you want to make the most of the outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. But if your balcony is in full sun, it can be difficult to enjoy it during the day. That’s where blinds come in. Here are 10 reasons why blinds are a must-have for any balcony:

  1. Blinds provide shade from the sun, making it more comfortable to enjoy your balcony.

In the winter months, you will have a nice view of your garden. Blinds are easy to maintain. They can be washed and cleaned with soap and water. You can choose from different types of blinds, including wood, aluminium and vinyl.

  1. Blinds keep your balcony cooler by blocking out the sun.

Curtains block out the sun. Flower pots and hanging baskets can help cool your balcony in summer when they are watered regularly. Aromatic herbs like rosemary, mint and lavender can help keep mosquitoes away.

  1. Blinds don’t obstruct sightlines and let you see through to the outdoors when they’re open and the space between windows can be used to display artwork or photos.
  2. Blinds provide privacy when you want them and are easy to close.

In the warm months, open the blinds to let in light and air. Curtains fall somewhere between blinds and shutters on the privacy scale. They give you privacy when you want it, but can be opened for light and air when you don’t.

  1. Blinds can help you sleep better by blocking out light from
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13 Steps to Clean Your House After a Flood

Cleaning a house after a flood is indeed a tiring activity. Moreover, if our house is already in a damp and dirty condition because of stagnant mud. Of course, this will make us more stressed.

Regardless of whether we like it or not, we must keep our house clean to prevent mold and bacteria from growing. Because, these two things have the potential to cause various diseases.


Then, how to clean the house after a flood?

Instead of being confused, consider these 13 practical steps for cleaning the house after the flood hit, let’s go!

Moving Furniture to Clean the House

First, move all home furnishings and electronic equipment that are still in good condition to a safe place. For items that have been damaged and no longer work, you can throw them away.

Cleaning the Residual Water

The next step, you can clean the remaining puddles in and around the house to prevent the emergence of viruses, germs, and bacteria. Make sure you dry up to the corners of the house so that nothing is left.

Digging Mud

After being submerged in water, usually mud will also enter the house. Well, you can overcome this by flushing the floor using clean water. If the dirt has been stuck for too long, use a cleaning fluid and a special descaling liquid.

Cleaning the Floor with Antiseptic

After the floor is clean, you can mop the floor with an antiseptic liquid to kill germs. For maximum results, clean the floor with … Read More