Tips on Decorating Tiny Houses to Deal with Limitations

Tiny Home Decor that is Suitable for Living Rooms
Designing a living room can be a challenge.
Just a little mistake can make the living room look like a room with unclear functions that contain mere decorations.
The important thing you have to do is actually make the tiny living room look bigger but still look comfortable.
Here is a small home decoration that is right for the living room.

1. Try Neutral Colors

The use of neutral and calm colors is one of the popular ways commonly used when designing a small living room.
Using the right colors and decorations, can determine the aura and atmosphere you want.
You can choose bright colors that can reflect light like white, light gray, and cream for walls, main furniture, and floors in the living room.
In addition to providing a room effect that feels wider, these colors will also give the impression of elegance and comfort in the living room at home.

2. Expand the Room with Mirror Illusions

Mirror is the most classic effective solution commonly used to expand a room.
The effect of reflecting the resulting mirror produces an illusion where a room feels wider than it should be.
However, it turns out this is not as simple as sticking many mirrors in various corners of the room.
Knowing the strategic points to make this illusion work effectively is important.
You also need to know the size to the type of mirror that the living room needs.
Place a mirror close to the light source because it can help give the impression of a wider room.
If the living room has a window, you can also place a mirror opposite it.

3. Make the Top of the Living Room the Attention Center

If your small living room has a high ceiling, you can use the extra space at the top so that the room feels wider.
Decorate the ceiling of the room with pendant lamps and attach curtains hanging from the ceiling to the floor.
You can also fill the top of the living room with other decorations or decorations.
Bookshelves placed near the ceiling may be one example of decoration that can apply so that the eye view focuses more on the top of the room.

4. Choose Lightweight Furniture with Simple Views

Light furniture with a simple appearance is the most appropriate furniture to decorate your tiny living room.
For seating, you might be able to choose furniture such as soft sitting chairs with wooden or iron legs rather than large sofas that eat more space.
Then for a table, avoid also a table with thick legs.
If you want the living room to look more attractive visually, you can try a table with transparent glass which of course will make the room look more spacious.
Tiny Home Decor that is suitable for family rooms
Family room is a room that is quite important because this is where the interaction between family members takes place.
Besides having to create an aesthetic impression, comfort, of course, is an important point that must be considered when decorating.

Here are some inspirations for the tiny home decor that is right for the family room.

1. Turn on the room with bold colors

Bored with white that seems monotonous?
You can try to contrast the furniture or walls of a house that is dominated by neutral colors.
Combine these colors with a touch of bold color.
The result will make the nuances of a small family room become more dynamic.

2. Combine Family Room Designs with Other Spaces

Combining family room design with other rooms can be the next idea to be applied.
Besides being able to make a room feel wider, this solution can make family members closer.
You can try combining a family room with a minimalist dining room with maximum lighting and no partition restrictions.

3. Use Natural Decorations for a More Refreshing Atmosphere

The choice of decorating a room certainly determines what atmosphere you want to build in the room.
For a small family room, give a fresh atmosphere and the impression of a more living room by placing some ornamental plants or vegetation.
In addition to beautifying the room, ornamental plants in the room can provide many benefits such as reducing dust in a room, healthy eyes, and much more.