Tips for Choosing the Best Wine Cooler and Wine Cabinet

Wine-lovers take wine storage seriously, and rocketing interest in wine fridges reflects this. Wine coolers offer optimum wine environments, whether storage or serving temperatures. Before Googling things like ‘Affordable wine cooler or ‘tall wine cabinet’, take a moment to narrow the list down. Your wine cooler needs to be a realistic balance between your collection size and your available area.

How to Choose Your Wine Cooler

A big fridge with dual temperature zones is the logical choice if you are an avid collector with a sizeable collection. One temperature zone can be for storage, the other for serving temperatures. Eager entertainers love knowing that both zones could be at ready-to-pour temperatures because different wines prefer different temperatures. Choose your cooler based on your collection size, and get one size up because of your collection aspirations. There should always be space for those bottles you get as gifts or bring home from your holidays. When selecting the best place to put your new appliance, make sure it is not in direct sunlight and will have enough space for adequate airflow. If your kitchen is sleek and modern, consider having the unit built-in, showing off its high-tech front. Existing cabinetry will benefit from an integrated model for a seamless look.

Free-standing, Built-in, or Integrated?

All these options are attractive in the correct space. An entertainment area with a free-standing wine fridge invites relaxation and socialising. Smaller homes will need a bit more pondering on placing. Both built-in and integrated fridges add wine storage and sophistication to any setting. A bonus of smaller units is that they can fit anywhere, even tucked into odd corners. Wine coolers in every situation are trending online, with every oenophile sharing their view—polished presentations of interior designers wow from glossy interior design sites. Even the DIY brigade is getting into the swing of things. Wine coolers are here to stay, becoming a must for modern wine enthusiasts globally.

Inside the Wine Cooler

Wine is best stored lying down to keep the cork moist, stopping unwanted air from coming in. The only time a vertical rack is acceptable is for extremely short-term storage. Wood is the best material for racks as it is a natural vibration suppressor and is gentler on labels. Check for UV-resistant doors if your fridge is not going in a cabinet. Sunlight is anathema for all wines. A quick virtual browse will give you the best possible temperatures to set your thermostat. Note that storage and serving temperatures are very different. Serving temperatures are also different between different types of wine. This information will help you decide exactly how you should put your fridge to best use. If that’s too much of an impossible choice, it is nice to know that smaller coolers are reasonably priced. It is a happy compromise to have one for serving temperatures, and one, or three, for storage.

The Cooler Lifestyle

With wine sales rising, now is the best time to get your cooler. Investing in your collection is an investment in your future enjoyment. You may even store some wine for future profitable sales. The famous Latin phrase “Carpe Vitrum” – “Seize the wine”. Cheers!