My Mom Needed a Good Therapist

My mom was having a hard time adjusting to life without my dad around. He had a massive heart attack almost a year ago. I know grief is different for each person, but she was really concerning me. I asked a good friend of mine about the therapist she had seen when she was having some family issues, and she told me to to to learn about the woman who helped her with her own problems. Granted, losing your husband of nearly 45 years is definitely hard to get over, but I knew that my mom had a lot of good years left in her. I just did not want her to be miserable.

I thought she would put up a fight with me when I told her I wanted her to see a therapist that my friend had recommended. That she did not do that was just further proof to me that this was something that definitely needed to be done. I miss my dad like crazy, but I have a husband and three children so I have to focus on them. I just wanted my mom to see that she has us and so much more to live for too.

When she met the therapist, I did not see any changes in her for the first few weeks. When she accepted the weekly invite I always give her for a Sunday meal, I am not sure who was more surprised. About a month later, she took me out to lunch and told me some things that broke my heart. I knew she was sad, but I had no idea that she wanted to just go and be with him. Thankfully, she realizes that she has a lot to live for, and we see her a lot more around our house. The best part is that the smiles she wears are definitely genuine once again.