Modern Home and How to Makeover Guides

It is undeniable, modern home makeup has recently been on the rise. Modern home make-up is loved by young, newly married families because of its simple design. Not only because of its simple design, modern home makeup is also loved because of its simple shape and material.

This is because modern home makeup is often combined with a minimalist concept. Not only simple, modern minimalist home makeup also has a trendy and aesthetic appearance. Modern minimalist home makeup puts forward aspects of comfort and functionality. With a modern style, it allows small areas in the house to be more important.

modern home

A trendy style and safe atmosphere, can make you feel at home for long at home. So that you can make it happen, here we share 6 modern home makeup tips.

Modern Home Makeup Guide and Method

1. Take advantage of every available space

In keeping with the concept, minimalism means stripping away meaningless parts and leaving only usable elements.

With a modern and minimalist home make-up, you can also use every available space and minimize unnecessary furniture. So, you can save space and make the house feel more spacious.

For example, you can make the base area of ​​the stairs a place to relax with small rugs and pillows, and a small novel rack.

You can also use the base zone of the stairs as a storage area that is arranged in such a way. The essence of modern home makeup is to creatively optimize each existing space.

2. Neutral Color Selection

The choice of paint in modern home makeup is very important. The choice of room paint ensures the desired home atmosphere.

The choice of neutral and bright colors in the house can produce a modern and safe impression. You can choose white, gray, or pastel colors.

Not only that, neutral and bright colors can make the room feel wider and wider.

You can also use lighter colors, but try not to use too much. You can limit the number of colors used, but always be in harmony with the main color.

3. Add Natural Factor

Not only light color options, you can balance it by increasing the natural factor. Wooden sofas and tables, and rattan stools can be suitable options.

You can also add flower pots on tables and other corners of the house. The use of plants can make the air in the house healthier.

In addition, natural colors in plants and wood elements can provide a natural panorama that is a relief to the eyes.

4. Simple Furniture Selection

To fulfill the functionality of a modern home, you can choose simple furniture. Choose chairs, tables, cabinets, and long shelves with simple shapes that prioritize functionality.

You can choose a suitable chair which is slimmer but always secure. You can also choose a table that has storage to further minimize the use of space.

In addition to simple and functional furniture, you always have to pay attention to the aesthetic aspect. The selection of furniture matches the concept of the makeup you want.

5. Optimize Wall Zone

To minimize the use of space, you can optimize the room area. You can use hanging shelves in the room to make it look more trendy and modern.

You can also choose multilevel cubicle shelves or with various other unique shapes. Adjust it with the theme and makeup that you have designed.

6. Use Natural Lighting

Natural lighting can give the impression of security in our homes. With natural lighting, the air feels healthier and we can save electricity because we don’t often turn on the lights.

To make the light spread thoroughly to all areas of the house, you can use wide windows that can reflect light.

Not only that, you can also trim the tile roof and use a mirror as a window roof. Natural lighting makes the area of ​​the house feel warmer.