Methods for Sorting Security Cameras for Homes

Surveillance technology that relies on Close Circuit Television (security cameras) continues to grow today. A security cameras is not just a camera and recorder, it has offered a large level of security combining audio, face detection and infrared features, and high quality night vision recording.

With many options, specifications and price ranges, today’s security cameras offer many attractive designs and capabilities. You can choose the right surveillance camera according to your needs so that it can maximize its great benefits.

Security Cameras

Here are some guidelines that you can consider before buying a security camera system:

CCTV Sorting Method

What should you try when buying a security camera for your home? Below, we will discuss the points on how to choose a security camera that is suitable for your home.

Camera Analog security camera, make the recording duration longer

Cameras Analog security cameras consist of a special camera and monitor that work only by being connected to a power supply. This is the main advantage of this type of security camera. Not only that, some of these camera type products can be connected to an external hard disk. As a result, you can get a longer video recording duration.

There are also products that can be connected to other monitors. That way, you can check the video on a bigger monitor. You can also check the video with a smartphone or tablet if the Security Camera monitor can be connected to the internet.

Unfortunately, this type of security camera costs relatively more. Not only that, if it is installed in front of the house, the design can also make people reluctant to visit your house.

Camera Sorting Method Wi-Fi security camera, make checking more flexible

The majority of security cameras for homes marketed are IP cameras or Wi-Fi (network cameras) types. This type of camera is connected via an internet network, after that you can check it via an application on your cellphone. The advantage of this camera is that the cost is much more affordable than analog security camera cameras.

Some Wi-Fi camera products have video recording facilities with different memory capacities. Not only that, the camera angle can also be adjusted according to needs. So, even if you are far away, you can still easily check and see video recordings in real-time.

However, if you want to install this IP camera type security camera, what you have to pay attention to is the internet network. The reason is, you have to set up Wi-Fi and connect it to the camera. This security camera via the application.

Camera Resolution

Cameras Security cameras have different types of quality from one another. For example, with HD or TVL quality. This selection is also adjusted to the needs and existing budget so that the camera runs efficiently.

If you want detailed and clear photo resolution, then choose a security camera with high HD definition. For example, with a resolution of 1080p. There is also a TVL type which is no less good than HD resolution. If you want a good reflection, then choose a camera with a minimum TVL resolution of 600 TVL.

The need for storing CCTV information

The information storage capacity for security cameras varies widely. You can choose a capacity of 16 GB to 1 TB. Not only that, the storage capacity can be increased by increasing the bonus hard drive.

Keep in mind, large resolution cameras require large information storage. Thus, a memory card alone will not be enough.

Select a camera that can capture objects clearly, especially in dark places

If you always want to see the darkness of the night, choose a camera. A safety camera that is equipped to take photos in black. There are several types of cameras that have this function, for example cameras with infrared and cameras with night vision.

Cameras with night vision can take patterned videos even in low light conditions. However, if the amount of light is insufficient, the video will turn black.

Meanwhile, the infrared camera will share black and white video. However, this camera can take video even in pitch black conditions. If you don’t care about the color of the video, choose the camera Infrared security camera.

Selection of a wide range, both horizontally and vertically

The range of view of the camera Security camera is an important point that you must pay attention to. There are several types of products that make it possible to control the angle of view of the camera. That way, you can not only monitor one corner, but also other angles.

What’s more, if the visibility is wide, objects that are far away can always be monitored from the camera. The viewing distance of a security camera camera is usually 10, 20, 30 m. For use indoors, visibility of 10-20 m is enough to reach. However, for outdoor use, we recommend a viewing distance of 30 m.

Real-time observation day and night

This Panasonic Dome is equipped with Infrared Cutfilter Removal (ICR) which optimizes photo quality, both during the day and at night. Camera This safety camera also has an auto white balance feature that makes good dark and white photos. So, you don’t need to make adjustments again from night to day or vice versa.

How to choose a camera This safety camera can see objects with an effective distance of 30 m through a 3.6 mm lens. Observations in real-time can be attempted at high speed and even from a distance. This security camera is suitable for those of you who need to monitor the room in the house in real-time when left for work or on vacation.