Main Tips for Keeping the Floor Clean

The most important factor in maintaining floor cleanliness is choosing the right tile for your home, based on the location and conditions around the home environment. Many people wonder how best to keep a beautiful new tile floor clean after installation. It’s really not difficult, and there are four basic tips that apply to each type of floor tile that you have in your home.

Each tile has an impregnable glass coating or is equipped with several types of sealants that have been recommended to prevent liquid spills from seeping into the tiles. Nat or specimen should also be closed tightly. When you choose tiles for your home, ask for information about the appropriate type of protective sealant and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Prevention of Scratches
The use of a doormat to prevent gravel from coming from outside the house is a preventive step so that the floor stays clean. Many homes have rules for removing shoes before entering the house, can keep the floor cleaner. This is very wise especially during rainy weather, given the conditions can be dirty due to mud and muddy conditions on the streets.
Furniture legs can be added with floor protection to prevent scratches, and be careful when moving heavy objects so as not to leave scratches on the floor of your house.

Daily Care
If you don’t use a mat outside the door of the house and let dirty shoes enter the house, the shoe carries all the sand from the outside and functions as sandpaper when people walk across the floor. Active children do more than just walk. They spin and glide, so imagine the effect on your new tile.
Dusting and sweeping on a daily basis can clean the dirt that enters the house and prevent sandpaper on the floor of your house.
If there is a liquid spill, immediately clean it with a suitable cleaner, and wipe the wet part with a cloth so as not to leave stains on the floor.

Weekly maintenance
Once a week, use a wet cloth to mop your floor after wiping dust. You don’t really need chemicals because you use the right cleanser for every liquid spill when it happens – mop with a wet cloth just for refreshing your floor. Dry it with a clean cloth so your floor will shine like new.