A Guide for Choosing a Crane Service for Your Construction Project

When your construction project’s success hinges on meeting deadlines, choosing the right crane service near Lewiston ID can make all the difference to your bottom line. Consider these tips to help you make your decision.

Ask About Experience

Cranes are complicated machines that require particular expertise to run correctly. Choosing a company that has been in business for a long time can ensure that qualified experts handle your project.

Check Availability

Most construction projects must adhere to pre-specified timelines. Missing deadlines can lead to significant financial penalties. The crane service you select must have the appropriate staff and equipment available when you need it.

Confirm Equipment Maintenance

A reputable crane company performs periodic inspections of its equipment and can show you an updated inspection or maintenance certificate. Well-maintained equipment is mandatory for the safety of everyone at or near your construction site.

Ask About Insurance

Every contractor must provide a certificate of insurance upon request. Construction sites are especially prone to accidents caused by heavy, movable objects. A certificate of insurance is essential to avoid unnecessary liability that could jeopardize your project’s budget.

Ask About Permits

Permits are as crucial as insurance to ensure a well-run construction site. Every municipality has requirements for the use of large and bulky equipment, and the crane service you select must be familiar with these and have the appropriate permits that your job requires.

Evaluate Customer Service

The way a crane service treats prospective customers is a strong indication of how it will handle a job. It is necessary to feel comfortable with the level of care and detail with which company representatives answer your questions or concerns and their willingness to understand your project during an initial conversation.

Choosing the right crane service for your construction project is vital to its success and timely completion.