5 Top Delivery Services to Choose for Delivering Your New Home Decors

Did you just order some home decors and are looking for where to get them delivered to you? Look no more, there are tips and opinions shared on Collected.Reviews about the top 5 delivery services that you can choose from.

The logistics industry is one of the most vital industries today. Many companies are springing up, bringing out new ideas, and implementing them with fast and efficient delivery of goods.

While online shoppers have been looking intensely at companies with the best delivery services, the logistics industry has been closely monitoring the situation. The result is metrics that separate one logistics company from another.

In that regard, we have compiled a list of 5 top delivery services to choose for delivering your decors.

1.     DHL Express:

Founded by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn in 1969, DHL Express operates worldwide as an international courier, package delivery, and express mail service. The company has been in the business for over 25 years and has over 300,000 employees spread across different countries that help with parcel delivery. It is claimed that DHL Express expanded services to the world some years after being founded in the United States. With about 1.5 billion parcels delivered per year, DHL Express is surely a top contender in this list.

2.     FedEx:

Founded by Frederick W. Smith in 1971 initially as Federal Express Corporation, FedEx is located in Tennessee and operates globally. The company has over 600,000 employees spread across several countries. FedEx offers both ground shipping and air delivery but the company is best known for its air delivery. As one of the leading courier services, FedEx offers post-delivery, express mail, freight forwarding, and third-party logistics, among others.

3.     United Parcel Service:

Famously known as UPS, it was founded in 1907 by James E. Casey. Since then, the company has grown into a full-fledged multinational package delivery and supply chain management company. It is best known for its courier express services, freight forwarding, and logistics services. It has over 481,000 employees who work in multiple countries for seamless product delivery. The global company is located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States.

4.     Blue Dart:

When DHL Express invested in Blue Dart, most people thought there was something at play — more like an acquisition. But it wasn’t so; instead, Blue Dart has grown from strength to strength since then to have become presently one of the top courier services in South-Asia and the world with services extending to more than 220 countries. It must be said that the company was founded in 1983 and headquartered in India.

5.     Royal Mail:

As one of the oldest courier services in the world, Royal Mail was founded in 1516 and can be found in the United Kingdom. Its services include letter post, parcel service, delivery, freight forwarding, and third-party logistics. The company was largely operated as a public service, hence the name Royal Mail.


Whether you just bought new home decor or goods that require delivery services, the listed services above have been tested and proven.