5 Interior Decoration Secrets for the Novice

If you are facing an interior decoration project but have very little experience, or perhaps skill, in this area, it is important to do as much reading as possible. As, the more you learn, the easier the process will be in the long run. So, overall, here are some good ideas to help any novice pick up some interior decoration skills with very little effort.

1 – DIY Isn’t All Bad

Doing it yourself is something which a lot of media makes fun of or makes out to be very difficult. But, is it actually? Probably not as much as you might expect. And certainly not so much that you can’t do it yourself.

If you are looking to DIY a few things in your decoration, then make sure you do your research first and foremost. Understand what needs to be done in order to create the desired effect, watch a YouTube video for visual cues (if possible) and keep your first attempts small if possible. That way if you do make a mistake then you can rectify and make it better over time.

2 – High Ceilings Work

High ceilings are incredible from a home design perspective. Why? Because low ceilings work to make our spaces feel small, cramped and restrict our design capabilities. In such cases, it is important to at least try and reduce this feeling of smallness. How? Do not paint your ceiling and walls different colours. One, uniform, colour gives the sense of continuity and can work to make the space feel more ongoing and therefore bigger overall.

So, even if you don’t have a space which feels larger or actually has high ceilings, you can certainly replicate the feeling.

3 – Focal Points

One of the biggest secrets, that isn’t really a secret, when it comes to interior decoration is focal points. But, the real secret; it doesn’t have to be a feature wall. You can make the focal point of your room any piece of contemporary furniture: sofa, table, free-standing lamp and even your mirror if you want. The fact is that any piece of furniture or even a wall art piece can be a great way to create focus in a space, without resorting to the standard feature wall.

4 – Old is New

From antiques to a new wave of old design styles, the fact is that old never really goes away. As we continue to go through periods of interest and sometimes even obsession with certain areas of design history. Tapping into this interest and using it to decorate your space can be an extremely interesting process; resulting in a stunning space.

So, a good example of this is crushed velvet furniture situated in an otherwise modern landscape. It can be a focal point and give a classic furniture piece new context in modern design.

5 – Personalisation is Key

Finally, remember that you need to keep everything personal to you. Don’t try to make everything uber stylistic and over thought out, as you may not actually like living in such a space. Keep the style personal to your tastes and make sure it suits what you will enjoy seeing and immersing yourself in on a daily basis. Otherwise, the secret may be you actually hate your own interior design.