4 Clever Design Tricks To Transform Your Home

No matter if you’ve just moved into your home or are looking for a quick and easy pick-up, then there are some design tricks which can be added to rooms around your house which require little effort and cost.

Sometimes, even the smallest of changes can make a huge impact, whether it be the addition of a mirror, bright artwork or even some plants. Perhaps you want to soften the colour of the walls, brighten up a room or add warmth to your living room, there are plenty of design tips and tricks you can use to transform your home.

Use Softer Shades 

Living rooms are great examples of how you can maximise living space, especially if it is a small room. Often, small living rooms have the tendency to appear cramped, but there are some things that you can add to the room to make it seem larger.

Large windows and mirrors give the illusion of the room having more space, but you can also ensure that you use soft, light colours for the walls to really give the appearance of having more space. Avoid using big rugs in dark colours, as this will really affect the appearance of the room and if you are limited on space try not to add in dominating coffee tables or too-big sofas.

Invest In The Right Frames

It’s always good to invest in your own personal art collection, especially if you are willing to splash a little more on pieces to decorate your home. But, if you are serious about your collection, then having the right frames is key. Opt for glare-free glass and custom-made matte finishes on your artwork. Many galleries will offer you framing options to compliment the art you have purchased so be sure to ask about the costs.

Extend Your Home To The Garden

If you like spending time outdoors but don’t have a relaxing spot where you can sit and enjoy your garden, then it is likely that you don’t spend as much time out there as you had hoped. It’s easy to extend the comfort of your home into your garden, all you need is a decking or patio area. Then, mirror what it is exactly that you like about the cosiest room in your house, whether it be your living room or dining room, in your garden.

Sustainable garden furniture, stylish dining table and chairs or even an 8 piece patio set if you enjoy entertaining, will make all the difference to your garden and encourage you to spend more time out there. Add in some colourful flowers, pot some herbs for wonderful smells or add in a barbecue to use when you can and you have a garden space you can make more use of.

Add A Touch Of Nature

If your home looks a little plain, or if you feel as though something is missing, then there is nothing better than the addition of some plants. Whether it’s a large potted plant in the corner of your living room or some smaller greenery arranged neatly on bookshelves, plants help to bring some colour and vibrancy to a room. Plant’s aren’t just appealing on the eye, but they are also known to be a mood booster and help to clean the air.