Redecorate the dining table design

If you’d like to create a really fun and chic look in your dining room, a stenciled ceiling can be the statement you’re looking. If you have a dining room filled with all-white furniture, the intricately-painted ceiling can do so much to bring the room together. Plus, you can also work on making sure that you provide accents that highlight the ceiling. In the case of the dining room, the accents might be the napkins and the dining room table centerpiece.

1. Tools You’ll Need
You’ll need ladders that are sturdy. You’ll spend a lot of time standing to prepare this design. You’ll also need a few sponge brushes to dab the stencil design into the ceiling. Purchase painter’s tape so that you can keep the stencil in place while you paint. It’s pretty impossible to do a stencil design without the stencil of your choice. When you find the perfect stencil pattern, purchase a few of the same pattern. You’ll be able to tape them all together to create a large pattern of the same stencil. When you’re covering a surface area, you won’t have to utilize as much tape to reapply a small stencil pattern. Don’t forget to purchase your choice of paint as well.

2. Protecting Your Home
Protection is so important. When you’re painting the ceiling, there’s potential for paint to get everywhere. You don’t want this to happen so it’s best to use dropcloths on the floor and on top of any lingering furniture. The Trimaco brand has some great ones. It’s also very wise to use painter’s tape to protect the edges of your walls. You want a clean, crisp look. Even if it’s the smallest stain, it can negatively impact the look of the whole effort.

3. Ways to Approach the Project
If you have a really large dining room, you’ll want to approach the project in sections. This will help you to patiently make it through. It can be pretty daunting to think about how long it can take to get the whole stenciling project done. If you’re working on the project by yourself, spend an hour each night to focus on stenciling. If you remain faithful with the stenciling, you can complete the project within a week.

4. Shortcuts to Consider
If you get two or three ladders, the project will go much faster if you have people who are willing to help you. You can easily take one day to paint the ceiling. Then, you can take another day to actually create the stencil. Stencils tend to take up a lot of time. You can bribe a few of your close friends with pizza and a good movie. Plus, it’ll be a great opportunity for you all to enjoy one another’s company while doing something creative.