Fighting Illness in Your House in 3 Easy Steps

If you always seem to get sick, you could have a compromised immune system. However, you could also be accidentally exposing yourself to hazards that make you sick. To make your environment healthier and to prevent continual illness, take these steps today.

1. Make Sure Your Sewage System Works

Your sewage system takes your waste to a water treatment facility, where it is purified and then released as water back into nature or the water system. However, if your sewer is clogged or needs pump service New York, particles from your waste can contaminate your air, making it easier for you to get sick. Warning signs of this issue include foul odors and difficulty flushing the toilet. Contact the county official in charge of your water system to report an issue.

2. Open Your Windows

Especially if you live in a new house or apartment, it’s easy for chemicals and other airborne particles to build up in your house. Over time, this concentration of fumes becomes too much and hurts your health. Open your windows every day during the warm months and at least a few times a week during the winter to kill germs and freshen your air.

3. Clean Frequently-Touched Surfaces

You wash your hands when you come inside, and you wipe down your bathroom every week. However, there are other frequently-touched surfaces in your house that quickly spread diseases. Clean your doorknobs, remote control, phone, and kitchen sponge every week, particularly if you have guests over. When you’re vigilant about this kind of cleaning, germs don’t accumulate on these surfaces, but if you neglect them, they become Petri dishes of potential infections.

Getting sick is never fun, but it’s especially annoying when it happens all the time. Take these three steps today to eliminate possible sources of infection inside your house.