Shutters Are a Great Option for Windows

Shutters are the most looked at part of your home, but commonly the least thought about aspect of the appearance. Shutters can make or break the whole look of your home and knowing which type is best for you is important. No matter if it is plantation shutters, accordion-style blinds, or some other type of window covering, the look is important.

One of the more popular shutters for indoors is the plantation shutters. These shutters are more common in southern states in the United States but have been gaining popularity with the more country or rustic look in kitchens and living areas in other areas. The shutters themselves can be made from faux or real wood. Many people like the faux wood since it still has the appearance of real wood but are made of sturdier plastics. They last a long time and you don’t have to worry about paint chipping or the wood breaking. Replacing a slate in the shutters can be difficult and pricey. The plastic or faux wood, is also cheaper than having wood and is usually the better option.

Another good detail about plantation shutters, is that the look is more rustic. However, don’t let this make you feel like you can not coordinate them to other styles in home decorating. Many people are getting them in their homes without having a rustic or more country style. Many vintage inspired home are using them as accent pieces to their windows. Homes inspires by the 60s or 70s are using the shutter look to make the design feel complete.

Many people like the look of the shutters more than than having curtains or drapes on their walls. They also give more privacy then curtains or blinds. Being able to shut the shutters completely and leaving nothing to be seen is an aspect to the shutters that people enjoy. You do not have to fear that people can peek into the window through a crack.