How to Stop a Leaking Water Heater?

Leaking water heater can cause a significant flood to your household, and it can be one of the most damaging and aggravating home disasters that you will experience in your lifetime. Apart from that, you will spill gallons of hot water onto your floor, which will cause other issues that require repairs and cleanup.

In case that you own storage boiler, you will be able to prevent leakage by turning off the water supply. That is just an instant fix because you will need something that will help you for the future moments.

Water heater leak is the common issue that you have to deal with, and in most cases, it happens due to old age or water heater malfunction.

What Causes A Leaking Water Heater?

The most popular type of water heating system in the world is by using conventional storage boilers that feature reservoirs of 20 to 120 gallons of water. They will heat your water by releasing hot water from the top as soon as you turn on the water tap.

At the same time, the boiler will replace the hot water that you are using with the cold one that enters the bottom of the tank. That way, you will ensure that tank is always full. In most cases, they operate by propane, natural gas, electricity or fuel oil.

Water leakage can happen due to numerous factors such as leaking connections, valves or the storage tank. The main causes can include:

  • Leak from nearby plumbing connection or overhead
  • Faulty temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Temperature and pressure valve leak due to overheating, excessive pressure or clog
  • If your storage has corrosion, the entire tank can leak due to it.

Avoid Leakage by Maintaining Your Boiler

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (click here to check their official website), you should conduct routine inspection and maintenance for storage water heaters so that you can prevent leakage and make sure that the unit works completely. This particular procedure includes:

  • Checking the temperature and pressure valve twice a year
  • Flushing the quart of water from the tank four times a year
  • Inspecting anode rod every three to four years

How to Prevent Flooding With Water Shut Off valve

If you want to prevent the leaking water heater and enjoy all the way, the best thing that you can do is to install automatic water shut off valve. This particular thing will detect the presence of water beneath the heater and automatically turn off the water supply before it creates significant damage.

How Do They Work?

Automatic water shut off valve features a high-quality brass valve that is connected with moisture sensors and electric control box. The valve will install upstream of the water so that you can place it directly into the plumbing line.

You should place moisture sensors on the floor beneath the water heater so that you can detect leakage as soon as possible. If the valve detects the leak, the sensor will send a … Read More

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How to Protect the Foundation of Your Home

All of your personal items, appliances, clothes, and home are supported by what is termed the foundation. It should be a solidly constructed feature, but there are things that can happen to compromise the strength. Below are few things to do to help protect this vital aprt of your house.

Fix Cracks and Areas of Damage

Cracks and broken areas of your foundation are an open invitation for moisture to enter and begin weakening the base support of your home. Have any noticeable cracks repaired as soon as possible to lock the rain and snow out. It will help avoid bigger problems down the line.

Monitor for Uneven Settling

Soil erosion is one of the biggest culprits in cauing an uneven settling of your foundation. You may be unaware that the area has a high water table and the moist soil will eventualy give way under the weight of your foundation and home. Have foundation settling problems fixed as soon as they are apparent.

Use Overhead Gutters

You should maintain gutters along the edge of your roof to help guide water down and off the roof. Lack of proper gutters can cause water to pool at the base of your foundation, leading to huge problems. Make sure they cleaned out and free-flowing.

Install a French Drain

Any boost you can give your property in assisting the draining of rain and melting snow is a plus. A French drain can be placed right in the porblem area for total effectiveness. Install the French drains Erie PA foundations need for ultimate moisture protection.

Slope the Soil Away

One natural way to assist water drainage around the foundation is to create a slope that leads water away. You can use soil covered by decorative pebbles for a smooth, professionally landscaped look. Add a few plants to help minimize soil erosion.

Protecting your foundation from day one is an important task that saves you a ton of money in the future. The maintenance isn’t time consuming, but close monitoring can catch problems before they become nightmares.… Read More

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Do Floors at Home Must Be Cleaned Every Day?

Maintaining cleanliness at home is mandatory, so that the occupants remain healthy. But, is it true that the way to maintain a clean house is to sweep and mop the floor every day?
According to experts, it’s really important to clean the floor of your house every day. But, not only the floor, table surfaces, especially in the kitchen and around the sink, must also be cleaned every day. This is because the kitchen, especially if it is always used, is the dirtiest part of the house.

The sink in the kitchen must always be cleaned every day
Then, for those of you who have a bathtub at home, then Elizabeth Scott, Ph.D., co-director of Simmons College in Boston, suggests cleaning it every week. According to him, the bathtub keeps more bacteria than the trash so it needs to be cleaned regularly.
Mattresses and pillows also have to be cleaned regularly. Even though it has been coated with sheets, it does not mean that the two objects are free of germs. Carolyn Forte from Good Housekeeping Institute recommends cleaning the mattress every two months, by sprinkling with baking soda and using a vacuum cleaner to clean it. For pillows, clean every three months to prevent dust mites.
Other things in the house that are also rarely cleaned are refrigerators. The scientists say, you just have to clean the refrigerator at least once a month, especially drawers that hold fruits and vegetables. The reason, because the place can accommodate up to 750 times the level of bacteria.
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