Minimal changes that you can make to your living room that can make a big difference

As we’re slowly moving our way into the new decade, you may be looking for a bit of a change with your interior design. It can help to provide a fresh outlook not only on your home but even how you live your life. Perhaps you want a new start heading into the year and interior design can be a surprisingly encouraging way to achieve this.

Makeover jobs don’t have to be a massive project. Sometimes, even the minimalist changes can make a huge difference. They can provide a fresh look even when you’re not expecting it. If you’re looking for some design inspiration which takes minimal effort, here’s some top tips.

Accent Furniture

If on the other hand, you have a little bit of a budget with your living room makeover you have the possibility of purchasing a piece of accent furniture. This will be a piece of furniture that helps to stand out in the room whilst also keeping with the theme of the rest of the room. You should consider quality over quantity with this type of furniture considering it’s a unique piece of furniture to the rest of the room.

Rearranging Furniture

Sometimes, trying out a fresh design doesn’t even require tools or purchasing new products to make a change. If you have the space to do so, rearranging your existing furniture can provide a completely different dynamic to your living space. It can make out that you’ve made major changes to your room, when … Read More

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5 Interior Decoration Secrets for the Novice

If you are facing an interior decoration project but have very little experience, or perhaps skill, in this area, it is important to do as much reading as possible. As, the more you learn, the easier the process will be in the long run. So, overall, here are some good ideas to help any novice pick up some interior decoration skills with very little effort.

1 – DIY Isn’t All Bad

Doing it yourself is something which a lot of media makes fun of or makes out to be very difficult. But, is it actually? Probably not as much as you might expect. And certainly not so much that you can’t do it yourself.

If you are looking to DIY a few things in your decoration, then make sure you do your research first and foremost. Understand what needs to be done in order to create the desired effect, watch a YouTube video for visual cues (if possible) and keep your first attempts small if possible. That way if you do make a mistake then you can rectify and make it better over time.

2 – High Ceilings Work

High ceilings are incredible from a home design perspective. Why? Because low ceilings work to make our spaces feel small, cramped and restrict our design capabilities. In such cases, it is important to at least try and reduce this feeling of smallness. How? Do not paint your ceiling and walls different colours. One, uniform, colour gives the sense of continuity and … Read More

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My Mom Needed a Good Therapist

My mom was having a hard time adjusting to life without my dad around. He had a massive heart attack almost a year ago. I know grief is different for each person, but she was really concerning me. I asked a good friend of mine about the therapist she had seen when she was having some family issues, and she told me to to to learn about the woman who helped her with her own problems. Granted, losing your husband of nearly 45 years is definitely hard to get over, but I knew that my mom had a lot of good years left in her. I just did not want her to be miserable.

I thought she would put up a fight with me when I told her I wanted her to see a therapist that my friend had recommended. That she did not do that was just further proof to me that this was something that definitely needed to be done. I miss my dad like crazy, but I have a husband and three children so I have to focus on them. I just wanted my mom to see that she has us and so much more to live for too.

When she met the therapist, I did not see any changes in her for the first few weeks. When she accepted the weekly invite I always give her for a Sunday meal, I am not sure who was more surprised. About a month later, she took me … Read More

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